Affirmative Action


Affirmative Action

A Byron Vogt Novel

In a world where the international threats of terrorism focus all eyes abroad, the risk of domestic insurgency grows every day.  While the world watches in horror, the reality of homegrown discontent boils over and the rocks the free world.  A devastating assignation sends the United States into a tailspin, exposing the harsh realities of a divided and unsettled population.  Racial strife and political discord reach its breaking point and insurrection threaten to tear the fabric of democracy apart.  As the front lines of this civil war stand three men, sworn to protect and defend this great nation from all threats – foreign and domestic.  Together they must risk the jobs, freedom, and life as they know it and face off against well-organized, and well trained homegrown terrorists.  Will it be enough to pull the free world back from the brink?  Or will the U.S. crumble under the weight of The Second Civil War?

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Reviews for "Affirmative Action": A Byron Vogt Novel    

1.     "Affirmative Action" paints a realistic picture of how a few crazed fanatics can change the country in their lust for power. A provocative story line that combines the politics of House of Cards with the determination of Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry. Highly recommended for those who enjoy intrigue, politics and battle for societal change & power.        T. Ghedi  (4 Stars)      

​2.       Power, politics, societal change and a gripping plot make Affirmative Action.  Written in a distinctive style at an action oriented pace, Affirmative Action will satisfy any David Baldacci or Vince Flynn fan.  A good novel from a first time author.        J. Weaver   (4 Stars)      

​3. Novel’s Scenario of A Second U.S. Civil War Holds Object Lessons For Federal Authorities    Roger G. King’s troubling fast-paced debut novel, Affirmative Action, envisions successful assassinations of both the “black president” and his Vice President in a failed violent attempt to overthrow the U.S. government. Code named “Affirmative Action,” the Independence Day insurrection, initially might bring to mind the notorious 1978 novel, The Turner Diaries. However, the narrative strategy of this 2014 potboiler differs from The Turner Diaries in two key respects: (1) In Affirmative Action, the story unfolds from the standpoint of two “good guys” — a Texas Ranger and an FBI agent; and (2) the book may be read as a cautionary tale about the danger that the federal government’s fixed focus on international terrorism may blind it to attacks by such home grown terrorists as the book’s bad guys. Convincing verisimilitude — especially with respect to the locations of key national security installations, explosives, guns, and aircraft — evinces a command of the material and technical aspects of the novel’s action and helps to propel its well crafted, if, sometimes over the top, plot. Character development presents the book’s chief aesthetic problem. Although racial hatred stands as a given of the insurrectionists’ motives, the novel presents few clues about their inner lives. What made them both hateful and willing to act out their hatreds rather than getting in step with the march of time or reconciling themselves to lives of quiet desperation. That weakness is especially noticeable in the portrayal of the insurrection’s African American contingent. Duped into fomenting urban race riots to cover the white supremacist aims of Operation Affirmative Action, Raven and his black marauders seem to serve merely as plot points. One cannot help wondering whether the novel’s bad actors are an assortment of men like the news media’s characterizations of such killers as the suspected Louisiana movie theater shooter, reportedly a deranged drifter, or like the alleged Emmanuel Nine shooter, supposedly a dissolute and rudderless youth, or like the fired black Los Angeles Police Department cop suspected of a rampage of racially directed revenge killings, allegedly a disgruntled militant sociopath. Of course, other possibilities exist. Noteworthy examples appear among the amoral, alienated, self-important ideologues of Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s classic political thriller, The Damned, the story of another attempt at violent social change. Affirmative Action reaches no such depths of portrayal. Nevertheless, like some Tom Clancy novels, the book holds much of practical interest to federal authorities and others with more than passing interest in terrorism and law enforcement.      (4 Stars)   Potomac Will         

4.    I really enjoyed reading this book, “Affirmative Action” by Roger G. King. I thought it was excellently written plot and pacing-wise and it definitely kept my attention from the dramatic opening to the satisfying ending. It is fast paced and easy to read quickly… finished it in the span of a few nights, but got a ton of story for my money, that’s for sure. This isn’t exactly what you would call a “PC” book, nor should it be… that’s the point. But if you are of the ‘taking everything literal and easily offended crowd” this might not be the read for you. There are some harsh, ugly truths and realities here that are all to present in modern America. Was almost disappointed when I was done, but the ending gave the emotional satisfaction I look for in a great book. Well done.      (5 Stars)   Cody Brighton           

5.     “Affirmative Action” is one of the most interesting, action-packed and well-crafted novels I’ve read in a long time! I was completely drawn in from the get-go, and absolutely loved the author’s use of description of the different scenery and locales, and his attention to detail, especially regarding the military weapons and political maneuvering. Can see fans of Tom Clancy and Vince Flynn liking this. There are some editing things, and some weird formatting issues, but nothing that lessens my enjoyment any. The story is strong and so is its message. A great addition to the genre. Hope to read more from Mr. King in the future.      (5 Stars)   Layla Messing      

6.     Excellent plot…some writing issues. The good part was that this is an excellent novel that captured my attention from the beginning and never once let it go. Each scene was riveting, imaginative, and well-crafted and added to the progression of the overall storyline (no needless filler fluff here!).  The descriptions were good and kept to a minimum. There was no lull in the action…All in all a wonderful story with a powerful, provocative message that kept me eagerly glued to my kindle until the late hours of the evening. The only problems that I found were the many instances of grammar and punctuation errors that could have been cleaned up with a good editing/proofreading job. This may not really bother some people, but it does me. However, even with that said, I really did enjoy this book and would read more from this author. He has a natural gift for creating a well-thought out story and delivering on the drama.      (4 Stars)   Cameron Jones       

7.  Okay, I really loved this book, way more than I expected to! Tight writing (a few minor editing things but nothing too major) and kept my attention from the dramatic opening to the fulfilling finish. I’m a huge fan of “24” and “Homeland” so I thought I’d enjoy reading about domestic terrorism, and I was right. I could totally see this being a movie. There are more action scenes in this book than most I’ve read, but it isn’t overdone… just keeps you on your toes! Some unexpected twists, and even though it touches on the ugly side of human nature and our country in general, it gives an important look at what really is simmering in many people’s minds out there… and the horrific consequences. Awesome.      (5 Stars)   Megan King      

8.   Trust me on this! The book starts off with an explosive, unforgettable beginning and just keeps going. The characters of The Colonel,  (and the others) were genuine and believable, and I think what I liked the most about this book was that it really held nothing back in terms of shining the light on a darker, quieter sentiment that feels like it can bubble to the surface at any time. It is scary because it feels almost too real. There were some proofing mistakes I noticed and the formatting seemed off in many places. Still enjoyed the book just has less of a ‘polished’ finish than I prefer. But am looking forward to more Roger G. King, and I can see fans of political/action thrillers eagerly gobbling this one down.   (3-4 Stars)   Laura Clake       

9.      First, I have to say that I don’t normally read these types of books but I was looking for something a little out of my comfort zone and this book sounded intriguing. I was definitely impressed with the opening sample so I dove on it. Well, I am most certainly glad I took the chance on Roger G. King’s “Affirmative Action”! This was a brilliant novel and very impressive for a debut. The title comes from the plan that is being covertly hatched to bring upon a race war in the United States, and this isn’t created by some dumb, redneck hicks… this is well-funded and goes to the highest levels of Washington. Crazy.  The opening scene sets up the connection between a local homegrown terrorist and the others involved. This sets out a chain of events and nonstop action that keeps going all through to the end.  All in all a very good read that I’d recommend even to those who don’t normally read this sort of thing…try it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!        (4 Stars)   Gillian Hancock        

10.     "AFFIRMATIVE ACTION" was a nonstop, thrill ride of action, intrigue, drama, and political/personal conflict. I liked how the author Roger G. King managed to weave together this complex, but not confusing, story of racial strife and political discord in this country, and the shocking lengths some people will go to achieve their goals. It definitely held my attention throughout, but I admit the time/date stamps on the beginning of each chapter threw be a bit because I could never remember if it was later or not. And for some reason the formatting was off in many places, not horrible, just paragraphs lining up weird or too much space. Overall an entertaining, somewhat disturbing. well thought out read that hits a little too close to home at times. Recommend.    (4 Stars)   Stephan Beacher      

11.      I thought that his book was terrific! Once I started reading I didn’t want to stop until I’d finished the whole thing. It pulls you in from the beginning, and I enjoyed the author’s “voice” and style of writing, and he certainly can create descriptive and dramatic scenes! The dialogue was good and authentic and did a great job of “showing” not “telling” which is imperative for a book such as this. The interweaving plotlines were well-developed and not predictable, and the element of domestic terrorism was was a new angle for me, and it shed light on things I’ve only heard about in the news in passing, or like the Tim McVeigh incident (referenced in the book as well). The characters were all interesting and well-written, and although there were some grammatical and punctuation errors, it wasn’t anything that really bothered me. I’d love to read more from this author in the future!    (4 Stars)   Elizabeth Brown       

12.      "Affirmative Action" is a compelling read, and one that will definitely appeal to fans of thriller/terrorism/action novels. Although the concept isn’t entirely new, Roger G. King brings an exciting fresh voice and infuses a unique blend of political turmoil, emotional and personal backstory (with the characters and their motives) military and police procedurals, corruption, and shocking twists. The story itself was fairly fast paced, and even though some part were sort of predicable, there were some things that honestly surprised me. There were some editing issues, and visually the text was off in many places on my e-reader (not sure why), not a huge problem either way, but I feel I should mention it. The writing and plot is dynamic and VERY relevant and I recommend for fans of thriller/suspense who’d like a crazy ride on the dark side.    (3 Stars)   Marcella Gonzales    

13.      Wow, Affirmative Action By Roger King was awesome! I haven’t read anything like that in a long time, if ever. For once it seemed like the characters were anything but the stock, ordinary typical hero/protag guys, but instead all had demons, motivations, secrets. I like watching shows about all the game playing and corruption of our government, and we all know there are some crazy people out there who would do unspeakable things to further their agenda. This book brings it all home and I was totally invested until the very end. This was a standalone novel (not a part of any series, it appears), but I hope Mr. King writes more like this in the future. I’d be reading it!     (5 Stars)   Essia Harmon    

14.     I’m not one for rehashing the plot (that is what the description is for) so I’ll just say that even though this isn’t my normal type of book (but I do enjoy Tom Clancy novels) I loved the plot line, and thought it felt as real as it could be…I did get a bit lost on some of the jargon, and thought that at times there were parts that when something REALLY crazy happened, it just sort of got glossed over (don’t want to reveal more for spoilers…) But I was really invested in how it would all turn out, and was shocked (horrified, sad) more than once. Sad to think that something like this could almost happen… I pray that it never will.  I thought the ending was perfect, and overall it was a genuinely good book. Recommend for older readers.              (4-5 Stars)   Sherri Warner      

15.      This was the first book I’ve read by this author Roger King, but I certainly hope it’s not the last. Unique, as opposed to it all just being rehashed to us and keeping us away from the action and the character’s emotions as so many rookie authors make the mistake of doing. I like that this book didn’t feel stale or derivative, but instead like a new niche of suspense that serves well to help diversify a somewhat cookie-cutter genre (in my opinion). I did notice some editing mistakes that could be handled with a good proofreader, and some parts could have been pared down a bit more because on occasion there would be things that would “happen”  (or talked about) but didn’t really serve a specific purpose. But overall the entire novel was one that I thought was impressive and kept me reading night after night. Looking forward to more from Roger King!             (4-5 Stars)   Brenda Maxwell      

16.      From the opening pages of “Affirmative Action” I knew it would be different from the books I’ve been reading lately and I was right! Mr. King sets of the scene and characterizations in a skillful way that not only pulls us in right away, but creates great visualizations and elicits emotional investments. The name of the book comes from the secret plan to start a race war (essentially anther civil war). The storyline is gritty, and truly scary if something like this should happen. I truly cared about the characters’ fates, and was shocked and saddened at certain things (no spoilers). An interesting and diverse cast of characters, flawed, and with power (some without) along with several intriguing and frighteningly realistic plotlines interwoven against a highly-charged and volatile setting makes this a memorable read. Highly recommend for fans of Brad Thor, Vince Flynn.                 (4 Stars)   Jason Thackery     

17.     “Affirmative Action”  was a very original take on ‘fiction’ for me, and at times      I know that all fiction novels are like that (realistic-feeling stories that are made up), but this one was exceptionally so…. It starts off with some decent backstory to set up the scene and ground the reader in the world-building, which the author Roger King does a wonderfully convincing job of creating a believable scenario… even if at times it does seem a bit far-fetched, one only has to have to have some knowledge of the history of the world to know that NOTHING is off limits or ‘too far-fetched’ to happen, ESPECIALLY when it comes to politics. The author also has a great “voice” in spinning these complex and intelligent plotlines all together. Well done.       (5 Stars)   Darla Ortiz       

18.      I found myself wavering around while reading “Affirmative Action” by Roger King. At first I was immediately grabbed into the story, and became immersed in dramatic and enticing opening and the overall plot development. But there were times I felt the story wasn’t as focused as I’d like, with some conversations and scenes maybe weren’t necessary and perhaps could have been eliminated to tighten the narrative some. But at the same time, the pacing was fast (liked the shorter chapters) and there was pretty much nonstop action and some *definitely* crazy developments there toward the end. It felt fresh and unpredictable, always a nice experience, especially in a genre that is fraught with copycats. Would be interested in reading more form Roger King in the future, and would recommend to anyone who wants a high-octane thriller.                 (3-4 Stars)   Jhonni Parker    

19.     Whoa,… what an insane book! Holy bananas!! Okay, I don’t even know where to begin because so much happens and I don’t want to give anything away… “Affirmative Action” by author Roger King is one of the most original and just flat-out interesting thriller fiction novels I’ve ever read. I liked it for so many different reasons, first the writing was stellar. The strong word choice and fluid, fast-paced narrative and witty dialogue makes it a very easy book to sink into. There are enough descriptions where you can picture everything perfectly, but not so much that it bogs down the pacing. Because of the overarching storylines relating to real events (or plausible  hypotheticals) it just felt more “intelligent” than  I expected. It makes you think a bit what’s really going on, and worse – what could possibly happen. Recommend for fans of thriller/suspense.      (4 Stars)   Steph Coleman    

20. I was hooked from the first page of  “Affirmative Action” and my interest never faded for a moment! I loved the creative and strong characters and plots that continued to build with tension and shock and surprise. Just when you think you know what’s happening, something comes along to throw a wrench in it. This is good because I hate books that are super predictable. And this one isn’t. Although there are some familiar themes and tropes at play, the author brings a fresh attitude and literary style and makes it all his own. I’ve read a ton of political-action thrillers & suspense over the years so I’m rarely surprised by anything anymore but I can say that this author managed to do it. I appreciated the brisk pace and the descriptive details that really brought the story to life – world building is absolutely crucial in selling a believable story and it is done quite nicely here.. Recommend for anyone (adults) who enjoy a well-written, action packed, alternative reality novel with unexpected twists.             (4-5 Stars)   Jenna Brewster     

21.     Lately I’ve been in a rut of putting down books and not picking them up again because I lost interest at one point and just never continued. This was definitely not the case with this book, “Affirmative Action” by Roger King! From the very beginning of the book the action flowed seamlessly from one page to the next, and was unpredictable and shocking enough to make me just *have* to see what would happen next. Not formulaic or cookie-cutter at all, even though there are plenty of “familiar elements” necessary for a political/terrorist action thriller. I was impressed with this author’s writing style and will look for more works from him in the future.            (5 Stars)   Jean Oliver    

22. Great writing, great action, great characters, great plot…. Overall a terrific read that I feel really opened my eyes to the threat of terrorism from different perspectives. I admit this isn’t really my normal genre of reading, but the sample pulled me in, and I enjoy movies like “Patriot Games” and shows like “24” so I wanted to see how this would fare. And I wasn’t disappointed; in fact I can totally see this book as being a movie. Could use some proofreading but was better than many ebooks I’ve seen. Recommend.       (4 Stars)   Carla Biggins    

23.      I read a lot of books in this arena, so this is a genre I’m fairly familiar with. Although “Affirmative Action” lacks the extreme detailing and depth of others I’ve read, nonetheless, it was an engaging novel that held my interest and made me think. I enjoyed the various POV’s the author employs to show us the different motivations and ramifications of the unfolding course of action, and how the storylines weave together in a tension filled climactic ending. This author crafts an authentic, engrossing novel that haunts you long after you are done. Looking forward to reading more from Roger King.      (4 Stars)   J.T. Thomas    

24.      First, I have to say that I don’t normally read books that are about terrorism, domestic or foreign, but I was looking for something a little out of my comfort zone and this book sounded intriguing. Color me impressed!! And I was surprised to read that this is the author’s first fiction novel. There is such strong, vivid writing, and the characters are all fascinating, flawed, and going through their own problems. Liked Byron, Sissy, Chris, Shoes, even the Colonel…Everything just felt “authentic” for lack of a better word. Dialogue, interactions, scenes, descriptions…All in all a very good read that I’d recommend even to those who don’t normally read this sort of thing…try it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!    (5 Stars)  Kaylee Stevens       

25.     It took me some time to get into this book, and at first I wasn’t really sure where it was going. But the more I read the more I got into it, the more wrapped up I got in this world and characters Roger King created. It’s weird to think it’s actually fiction as parts really seem real, and are relatable to current times. I have a feeling that this book and the characters and their fates will stay with me for some time. I thought the overall plot and narration was good, but it could have used a bit more polish as there was rampant formatting and editing errors throughout. It’d didn’t ruin the book, but would make it better if was more polished, in my opinion. Nevertheless I look forward to reading more from Mr. King in the future as he is truly a gifted storyteller AND writer (not necessarily the same thing…    (3.5 Stars)   Claire Middleton    

26.     I totally liked this book way more than I even expected to! I was looking for something a little different than my reading fare, and this really hit the mark… in fact, now other books will seem boring by comparison! I like that it felt very plausible and ‘true to life’ on the sense that this is probably stuff that happens in real life, yet is presented in a way that is ‘entertaining’ (for lack of a better word!) and is exciting. I literally could not put my kindle down for the last half of the book, at least. I would describe this book as being very ‘alpha male’ terrorism, thriller, political-action book, but I thought it was awesome! I do think reading this helped me to appreciate and understand certain beliefs and ideologies that I’m not very familiar with other that what I hear on the news, so that aspect was interesting. This was a fast paced book and I highly recommend it to others.           (5 Stars)   Stacy Decker     

27. Awesome. Once I started reading this book I didn’t want to put it down until I’d finished. Seemed never a good place just to stop for a while as the action continued to build and build. Some pretty far out there scenarios that come to life, but well-executed. I personally feel that there could have been a bit more depth to the characters, and some scenes seemed a bit too rushed. Liked the ending, though, and didn’t expect some things to happen that did. Could use more proofreading. For those who enjoy military, terrorism, action, thriller, this is a good one for you.     (4 stars)   Karen Matthews    

28.      Let the bodies hit the floor! No lack of explosive drama here! Try and be bored reading this… just try. I dare ya! But seriously, this was one roller coaster ride that I was not expecting. It’s a fast read, one I finished in just a few settings, and the brisk narrative is perfect tempo for a book of this genre. Mr. King uses great word economy and doesn’t bore us with too many unnecessary details. Fast, focused, and to the point, “Affirmative Action” is a frightingly realistic look at what could happen if tour country descended into chaos and another civil war. Riveting and explosive. Bless their hearts.   (5 Stars)   Sam Ryan