About the Author

For more than three decades, Roger G King has been in the real estate industry and currently works as an appraiser and R.E. broker.  No stranger to the long hours of work in the mortgage lending world, Roger carves out a minimum of 20 minutes a day for writing -- everyday, weekends, holidays and vacations included.  Born in Texas he is a long time resident of California, where he resides with his lovely wife, son, and sizeable mortgage.  A proud father, an avid golfer, and a writer, Affirmative Action is his debut novel.  Having recently entered the writing world, Roger quickly came out of the gate with his follow-up novel and sequel, Cross Reference.  Focusing primarily on domestic terrorism and national security, Roger applies real-life political structures and climates to his fictionalized work, blending reality with storytelling in order to reimagine the modern world.